• Anthony Edwards wants to see the Timberwolves reach the NBA Finals in five years
  • Edwards is also aiming to be the face of the NBA by that time
  • The Timberwolves are on pace to make the postseason via the play-in bracket

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a golden opportunity to silence their doubters this season by making the NBA playoffs, and their budding superstar in Anthony Edwards is aiming for an NBA Finals appearance.

In an exclusive interview with Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report, Edwards outlined his desire to be one of the league’s most important players while also looking to bring the Timberwolves to greater heights.

"I want to be an All-Star. I want to go deep in the playoffs, definitely past the first round. In five years, I want to be the face of the league and have a couple of MVPs by then and have a ring. In five years, I would expect to go to the Finals for sure," Edwards said.

The first-runner up in last season’s Rookie of the Year race credited the Golden State Warriors for creating the blueprint to success as their focus on team-centric basketball allowed them to take home three titles in the past decade.

The Timberwolves certainly look to be on track to reach those goals as their run of success this season has put them in seventh place in the perpetually-loaded Western Conference.

Subscription-based stats site Cleaning The Glass puts Minnesota at 12th in the league in terms of scoring points per 100 possessions (112.1) and allowing points per 100 (110.1).

Edwards himself is continuing his rise to the top among his peers and is on pace to finish the season with new career highs across the box score.

Minnesota’s road to competing for the NBA title will surely be a difficult one as the Phoenix Suns figure to be perennial contenders, the Warriors are still as fearsome as ever, and the Memphis Grizzlies are almost on the same timeline as the Timberwolves.

Though Karl-Anthony Towns is the undisputed number one option on the team, having Edwards to support both him and D’Angelo Russell will determine how far Minnesota makes it.

"I am willing to win at all costs. I am willing to do whatever it takes. I'm willing to guard the best player for 48 minutes. I'll try to get 30 rebounds. It's whatever. I will do whatever it takes, and I feel like that is what will put us over the hump,” Edwards stated.