LeBron James Paul George
Paul George #13 of the Indiana Pacers hugs LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2017 NBA All-Star Game at Smoothie King Center on Feb. 19, 2017 in New Orleans. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It seems like each day there are more and more rumors regarding where some of the NBA’s top stars will end up this offseason. LeBron James and Paul George are the biggest prizes in free agency, while Kawhi Leonard could become the best player that’s traded in nearly 15 years.

Will two of the stars team up? Will all three of them head to Los Angeles? Could they all remain with the teams with which they played last season?

Here are predictions for where James, George and Leonard will start the 2018-2019 NBA season.

LeBron James

Despite speculation that Philadelphia and Houston could be in play for James, the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers might be the only two realistic options. James has homes in both cities, and those who know him seem to believe his family will have a large say in this decision. The Cavs and Lakers don’t have to make any moves in order to fit James’ max salary under the cap. Their biggest obstacle is finding another star player to join James.

Cleveland’s hands are largely tied because of their payroll and lack of assets. Kemba Walker is about as good of a player that the Cavs could conceivably acquire this offseason. George’s decision to opt out of his contract means Cleveland has little chance to get him in any kind of trade, and the Spurs reportedly rebuffed the Cavs’ trade offer for Kawhi Leonard.

The Lakers do have the cap space to sign George and the trade pieces to at least make a play for Leonard. Los Angeles believes landing one of those stars would likely mean James is coming, as well. Even if L.A. strikes out on George or Leonard, they’ve still got young players like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram that they could shop and potentially trade for another All-Star that James could play alongside.

Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers

Paul George

George is in a similar situation as James. He appears to be deciding between the team for whom he played last year—the Oklahoma City Thunder in his case—and the Lakers. Philadelphia and Houston are interested in pursuing George now that he’s told Oklahoma City that he won’t opt in for the final year of his contract, according to ESPN.

It’s hard to rule out the 76ers as a destination for George, especially if James stays put in Cleveland. Playing alongside Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons in Philadelphia would give him a much better chance to win a title than being the best player in Los Angeles or being the second option with the Thunder.

But winning a title next season might not be George’s only motivation. The Thunder can offer him the most lucrative contract, and he’s had eyes on signing with the Lakers since last year when he was still with the Indiana Pacers and a year away from free agency. If James does indeed decide to head West, that could make George’s decision a lot easier.

Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers

Kawhi Leonard

Unlike James and George, Leonard doesn’t control his own destiny. If he did, the former NBA Finals MVP would probably end up on the Lakers. Instead, it’s the San Antonio Spurs, who still control Leonard through the 2018-2019 season, who will make the final call.

The Lakers could be in a position of power because it’s been well-documented that Leonard wants to be in L.A. a year from now. No team is going to trade promising young players and draft picks for a one-year rental. A lot will depend on what James and George decide to do in free agency and if the Spurs decide they’re only sending Leonard to the Eastern Conference.

Leonard could start the season in San Antonio, though it’s hard to see that happening since he’s reportedly made it very clear he wants to be elsewhere. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that the Spurs are fully engaged in trade discussions with both the Lakers and Celtics. Boston might be unwilling to match San Antonio’s asking price since they are already a title contender, and the Spurs would likely prefer to send Leonard somewhere other than Los Angeles if they can get an appealing package. Philadelphia has the combination of unproven prospects, draft picks and capable players that might be able to get a deal done.

Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers