An ex-NBA referee revealed that the Phoenix Suns’ loss to San Antonio Spurs in 2007 NBA playoffs had something to do with Suns owner.

Tim Donaghy, a controversial retired NBA referee, claimed that the Spurs-Suns 2007 playoff series was influenced in the Spurs' favor.

During a recent appearance on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s "Bickley & Marotta Show," Donaghy repeated his claims that the playoff series was influenced by another former NBA referee's dislike for Suns owner Robert Sarver.

According to Donaghy, the Phoenix Suns team, which was led by the 2007 NBA MVP Steve Nash was better than the San Antonio Spurs during the said game in the series, News4SA reported.

“Obviously, everybody knows I refereed one of those famous games with the San Antonio Spurs where [the Suns] were definitely the better team in that series and San Antonio went on to win that series,” Donaghy said.

However, Donaghy revealed that Tommy Nunez, their supervisor during that game apparently did not like Sarver. As a result, Nunez ordered to intentionally call against the Suns  and not concentrate on the Spurs.

“Tommy Nunez, who was the group supervisor at that time for that series, didn’t like Sarver, who was the owner of the Suns at that time, and was always pointing out in the tape sessions of things to call against Phoenix and things not to concentrate on against San Antonio,” Donaghy said. “And I think it put San Antonio at an advantage.”

The Spurs would ultimately win the 2007 NBA title while the Suns would exit the Western Conference playoffs once again despite having an impressive season.

Donaghy has already made these claims in the past. According to his previous statement, Nunez enjoyed the lifestyle in San Antonio, and liked to get back to San Antonio.

It will be remembered that Donaghy was at the center of an FBI investigation that he was betting on NBA games and having a heavy-hand in forcing an outcome he needed. He would resign in 2007 and tell all his side of the story thereafter. He later served a 15-month prison sentence in conjunction with the FBI investigation.

Last February, Donaghy confessed that he had bet on NBA games and was able to win high percentage from it

“Obviously I bet on games I officiated. I passed on information based on the meetings that the referees were having, and based on what the league office wanted us to call in playoff games. With that being said, I was able to win at a high percentage when we were betting on NBA games,” Donaghy admitted.