• UMBC Retrievers point guard Darnell Rogers only stands five feet and two inches
  • NBA All-Stars Chris Paul and Isaiah Thomas have "reached out" to Rogers
  • The college NBA prospect is one of the Retrievers' top scorers

Some NBA stars are hyped about the future of a five-foot-two college prospect.

Shawnta Darnell Rogers Jr. is a senior point guard for the UMBC Retrievers men’s basketball team . Despite only standing at five-foot-two, Rogers is confident about his game.

In fact, the college prospect even claims he can do pretty much everything inside the court.

“When they lacing up against us, they gotta guard me just like I gotta guard them so it’s gonna be a tough match-up for them when they gonna guard somebody like me who is fast and quick,” Rogers told ESPN last month. “I can do everything.”

It didn’t take long for ESPN to notice Rogers and NBA legend Tracy McGrady was among the notable basketball personalities who were impressed by the Retrievers star’s abilities.

According to Rogers, aside from McGrady, NBA All-Stars and decorated point guards Chris Paul and Isaiah Thomas were also thrilled to watch him play. In fact, the pair has already “reached out” to him.

“A lot of people reached out to me, like in the comments, I see Isaiah Thomas said a few things, Chris Paul, I know Chris Paul so you know, he’s always in my ear when we do have a conversation,” Rogers revealed. “I got players in the NBA that’s my friends.”

While some would say that Rogers is only drawing attention because of his height, the man himself has proven that he is no joke.

In the past two seasons with the Retrievers, Rogers has led the team in steals with 1.4 per game. He also ranks third in points with 9.8 per outing and fourth in assists with 1.9.

In a recent Zoom interview with The Baltimore Sun, Rogers was pinned down to reveal what he feels whenever opponents poke fun of his height.

As per the 23-year-old, he doesn’t really have a problem with it as he is the one who usually does the trash-talking.

“They’ll be like, ‘Oh, you’re little, you’re small,'” Rogers explained. “And they’ll add other words to it that I can’t say. That’s really all I hear. I don’t hear that much trash-talking though. I’m usually the one doing the trash-talking.”

“I say a lot of stuff that I don’t want to say here,” he added.

Retrievers coach Ryan Odom, on the other hand, has nothing but praise for his star point guard. For the courtside mentor, Rogers “got no fear” and is a tremendous scorer.

“Darnell [Rogers] knows how to score,” Odom reckoned. “He’s trying to put pressure on the defense because he shoots the ball so well.”

“He’s never let his size become a negative for him,” he added. “He’s always been positive, and I think that’s what I love most. He’s got no fear. That was one of the reasons we were happy to offer him a scholarship to come here.”

Darnell Rogers
Darnell Rogers during a Florida Gulf Coast Eagles game in 2017. Getty Images / Icon Sportswire