• Bulls may start Coby White soon
  • Boylen softens stance but is left with little option for starting guards
  • White may not be as productive as a starter

The Chicago Bulls hold low chances of advancing to the next round, made even worse with key players going down with injuries. The latest was Zach LaVine, someone who could still return to action. But with only 19 games left, his return could be futile with the Eastern Conference playoff pairings more likely known by that time.

For the Bulls, the more pressing matter right now is who will head coach Jim Boylen place in the starting unit. LaVine leaves a big void although there are guys like Otto Porter Jr. and Lauri Markannen who have returned from sick bay recently. But of course, the Bulls have a lot of players not at 100 percent, meaning Boylen will have to elevate some bench players to the starting lineup. One name that comes to mind is Coby White.

The 7th overall pick of the 2019 NBA Draft has been impressing a lot of people, showing his ability to score even if he comes off the bench. Boylen has gotten his share of criticism for not elevating White as a starter although that may change for the remainder of the season. NBC Sports Chicago reports that Boylen is not slamming the door on White potentially starting although it may be a move he needs to do anyway. With a thinning guard rotation, the Bulls head coach will eventually run out of options and it would be foolish to think he would choose someone else over White from the bench.

White has averaged 12.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists this season. However, the 20-year-old has shown the ability to drop buckets in a hurry coming off the bench. That included him scoring 33 points in three straight games. So if White is oozing with potential, why is Boylen afraid to start him?

The thing about Boylen is that he focuses more on defense. To his credit, it was part of the reason why the Bulls are performing a bit better compared to initial projections. However, he needs to check out their offensive production too. There is no telling if White could be the guy who can spark them offensively, a potential answer to their future campaigns.

But Boylen will never find that out if he does not take a risk on White. With the season practically lost, it may be a good time for him to give the 6-foot-4 guard a try. If it works out, well and good for the Bulls. If not, White may probably be better coming off the bench.

Coby White UNC Kentucky
Coby White #2 of the North Carolina Tar Heels attempts a shot while being guarded by Nick Richards #4 of the Kentucky Wildcats in the second half during the CBS Sports Classic at the United Center on December 22, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Dylan Buell/Getty Images