• Turner is open for a Celtics reunion
  • Celtics don't have room for Turner this season
  • Turner likely to sit out rest of season

There are players now being bought out but not all are guaranteed to end up with new teams. One player is Evan Turner. The 31-year-old found himself moving to Minnesota but it appears the Timberwolves will buy him out. Turner was part of that multi-team trade that revolved around Clint Capella and Robert Covington.

Turner is not expected to be part of the T-Wolves plans moving forward and a buyout looms. As of this writing, there is no clarity on which team could take him in. But if given the chance, Turner is pretty much open to joining a former team - the Boston Celtics, according to

Aside from the Celtics, Turner reportedly worked out with the Los Angeles Clippers. His chances of joining the Clips may have just been ruled out following the signing of Reggie Jackson. Hence, his future is not looking so good. And unless he finds a new team to play for, the wait could extend until the summer.

This season, Turner has not exactly been showing the stuff which could make him an ideal fit for other teams. He has played 19 games for the Atlanta Hawks averaging only 3.3 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 2.0 assists. The second overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft also saw action for only 13.2 minutes with the Hawks per

While it would make sense to return to the Celtics, Boston may have no room for him. In a previous post, team president Danny Ainge that he is happy with his current group and has no plans to drop anyone. Also, the only way he would be open to tweaking the lineup is if there is a solid player available in the free-agent market. With due respect to Turner, he hardly fits that requirement.

Hence, Turner may be left with no choice but to settle for a buyout and wait for the summer. There is hardly movement on teams bound for the playoffs with most seemingly content with their manpower requirements. All Turner can do now is forcibly take a break and work his way back to playing shape.

Turner could also look into other options like maybe spending time in the G-League. He can also explore the international scene and try his luck if any team would be interested in adding an NBA veteran.

Evan Turner
Evan Turner gives the Indiana Pacers an even better chance to beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs. Reuters