One NBA star who has seen his basketball career take a dive is Dwight Howard. After making a name for himself with the Orlando Magic, the 33-year-old has since hit rock bottom.

Injuries are to be blamed for Howard's downfall. Since leaving Magic, the eight-time NBA All-Star has suited up for five other teams. Probably aware that he may not get a lucrative offer come the summer, the 33-year-old has elected to exercise his $5.6 million option with the Washington Wizards, ESPN reported.

Limited to just nine games last NBA season, it will be interesting what lies ahead for Howard. Opting in is no assurance that he will stay with the Wizards long-term. That is unless he comes up with a big career reboot and makes a difference for the rebuilding Washington quintet, according to the Bleacher Report.

One scenario would be to see the Wizards use the stretch provision for the former top pick of the 2004 NBA Draft. This could occur if Washington would need to open a roster spot. If that happens, it remains to be seen which other teams could take a risk on the injury-prone former NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

And while playing nine games could explain why he only managed to average only 12.8 points and 9.2 rebounds during the 2018-19 NBA season, his production has been a far cry from the time he was the star for the Magic. And factoring in his history of injuries, his contributions may jump up but not dramatically.

Should Howard at some point become an NBA free agent, there are likely some teams who would take chance on him. The only catch is that he is likely to be taken in more as a reliever - meaning he will have to work his way up to any ballclub that gives him an opportunity to prove himself once more.

According to the Washington Post, Howard continues to rehabilitate from spinal surgery. There is no telling when he can return to the court, meaning it may be a long road back for the 6-foot-11 cager. Coach Scott Brooks seemed to be upbeat on Howard when he was playing through the injury. However, the landscape has dramatically changed for the Wizards, placing the five-time NBA rebounding leader's future on thin ice.