Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are going to be two of the most in-demand players when they enter free agency later this year after they opt out of their current contracts with the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics respectively. And some believe they could be available as a pair – which will certainly interest every franchise as it will make them instant contenders at least for a top playoff spot.

The Warriors small forward signed a short-term 1+1 deal last summer and will opt out of his final-year on July 1 to become an unrestricted free agent. Durant has indicated that money will be one of his focuses going into free agency and he will be eligible for a max contract.

The Warriors can offer the two-time NBA Finals MVP a five-year deal worth $221 million, while any other interested franchise can only offer him four-years for $164 million. That does put his current employers at an advantage to retain him but many believe that he will want a new challenge especially with the Warriors looking favorite to win a third straight NBA championship in 2019.

Irving, on the other hand, had verbally committed to staying with the Celtics in the long-term before the start of the current campaign but has since backtracked. Many expect the point guard to leave in search of a new challenge and partnership with another potential top player.

The New York Knicks have been linked with a move for both the players at different stages of the season while the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets have also been mentioned as options. Durant is said to be their No.1 target this summer, but they will gladly take Irving too as the New York franchise can sign two top free agents this summer after they traded Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant
Kyrie Irving (L) and USA's guard Kevin Durant look on from the substitutes' bench during a Men's round Group A basketball match between China and USA at the Carioca Arena 1 during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 6, 2016. ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP/Getty Images

Reports have been circulating about Durant and Irving speaking regularly about free agency and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has now said someone with credible knowledge has revealed that the two players “talk or text” each other every day. The possibility of the duo teaming up next season gathered pace during the All-Star break when they were seen having an animated conversation outside the locker room and according to the NBA expert, that was just the tip of the Durant-Irving bromance iceberg.

"I've had someone reputable this week tell me their relationship is as strong as ever, that Durant and Kyrie talk every day and, if not, text every day,” Windhorst said in a recent episode of his podcast “Brian Windhorst and the Hoop Collective”, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports.

"I was talking to some people who were with 'Team Free Agent', I mean 'Team LeBron' at All-Star, and they said that Kyrie and KD were like a middle school couple that weekend. Eating together. ... They were doing drills together at practice. 'I'll rebound for you. You rebound for me. I'll post you up. You post me up.' They were eating together. They went to Miami together after the weekend. Kyrie started calling him 'my best friend’,” the ESPN NBA insider added.