• Dwight Howard is rumored to sign with the Golden State Warriors in free agency
  • Howard has just decided to go with the Lakers in the Orlando bubble 
  • Howard’s skill set could be utilized in Golden State

Dwight Howard has just announced that he'll join the Los Angeles Lakers in the Orlando bubble. Not even a single game has been played in the season restart, but the former All-Star big man is already being tagged to a transfer rumor linking him to the Golden State Warriors in the upcoming free agency.

Tony Pesta of the Blue Man Hoop stated that the unexpected rebirth of Howard's career in L.A. has earned the attention of the rest of the NBA, including Golden State, which could be shaped as the next destination for the eight-time All-Star.

”I don’t think anyone expected Dwight Howard to turn his career around as effectively as he has with the Los Angeles Lakers. The last time Howard suited up for LA, it was a disaster. Now, he is a key component to the Lakers’ run to the top of the Western Conference, ” Pesta wrote.

If Howard ends up signing to play for the Bay Area fans, his role will be easily determined. He may be nowhere near his once intimidating offensive force inside the paint, but Howard has been able to preserve his rebounding and blocking prowess - a skill set that would be fit for the Warriors, who thrives on a fast-paced game that is made effective by controlling the boards and protecting the rim to start a break.

”The Lakers led the entire league in blocks with 430 total rejections on the season. Howard himself has erased 76 shots. He has looked fully engaged in doing his job as a rim runner, hardly playing outside of the team’s system. So far, this is working beautifully has Howard has given his most meaningful performance in years, ” Pesta continued.

”Howard appears to be in great shape and is making the most of every minute he plays. It’s easy to see how his prowess as a glass cleaner and finisher around the rim could make him a valued member of the Warriors.”

The 34-year-old possesses attributes of a classic NBA big man that has since become a rarity in today’s game. Chasing after a huge payday would not be an option for the aging big man, which makes Golden State - a team with a proven winning culture - the most enticing landing spot for him.

”At 34 years of age, there is almost no chance Howard is offered much more than $6 million from any team this offseason. While returning to the Lakers is a possibility, there is something interesting about the idea of Howard playing with the most spacing he has ever had before in Golden State.”

There are only a few of Howard’s kind left in the league, and that makes him a valuable commodity in the free agency market.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard of the LA Lakers dunks during an NBA game against Charlotte Hornets. LA Times