• Reggie Bullock is reportedly a target of the Lakers this summer and could reunite with LeBron James
  • Bullock is a proven shooter, but the Lakers may broaden their options by looking at other players in free agency
  • The Lakers could get added shooting from the backcourt if they acquire either Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook

Aside from the backcourt, the Los Angeles Lakers need added shooting to help back LeBron James and Anthony Davis next NBA season. They could snap up one of the several credible shooters who are expected to become available, but taking in someone familiar with the Lakers’ system may be a better move.

Los Angeles is considering Reggie Bullock as a target for this summer, Marc Berman of the New York Post reported. He was part of the 2018-19 squad but ended up signing with the New York Knicks last offseason via free agency.

Looking at his numbers, the 30-year-old cager made a good account of himself in a Knicks uniform. He averaged 10.9 points 3.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 65 regular-season games. He also owned a 52.1% shooting clip and 41% from beyond the arc.

The 6-foot-6 player is anticipated to seek a full mid-level deal with the Knicks where he would be paid $9.2 million. If not, he could demand a three-year deal.

That is subject to the available funds that the Lakers may have this summer. But if Bullock were to return, he would be joining an entirely different team. Only Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are still around aside from James.

Being a shooter, Bullock could make sense. But with his injury history, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and head coach Frank Vogel may end up skimming the free-agent market first for other talents.

Taking in a shooter is something the Lakers have been trying to address since the last offseason. They settled for Wesley Matthews and Ben McLemore last season, but both were hardly consistent.

Of course, there is also a possibility that the Lakers may look for added shooting from whoever they land at the guard position. Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul have been linked to the purple and gold, but that would mean possibly dealing away players like Kuzma and Caldwell-Pope.

The Lakers will need to do some pencil-pushing considering they are not financially flexible right now. Aside from Paul and Westbrook, it remains to be seen who the Lakers will target and what it would take to integrate them with the Lakers for the 2021-22 season.

Reggie Bullock #35 of the Los Angeles Lakers Reggie Bullock #35 of the Los Angeles Lakers Photo: Getty Images | Jonathan Bachman