• Andre Drummond can appreciate his value if he joins the Lakers and wins an NBA title
  • The Lakers are taking their chances in the chase for Drummond
  • The Cavaliers  are waiting on trade offers, but buyout looms as the only option

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to look for options, particularly help in the middle.

Andre Drummond could be a good addition, but the franchise needs to wait for a buyout between the All-Star center and the Cleveland Cavaliers before they can explore possibilities.

Seeing how the Lakers are struggling but surviving with their current roster, there is no question that a Drummond addition could help stop the bleeding.

Assuming that Anthony Davis can recover and return in time for the postseason wars, the Lakers would own a roster that makes them even more formidable.

However, landing the 27-year-old double-double machine will not be easy. There are other teams interested in Drummond, so it will be a tough call.

Regardless, the Lakers remain optimistic of their chances as stated in a report from Marc Stein of the New York Times.

That may only happen if the Cavs opt to buyout Drummond after Mar. 25, the NBA trade deadline. For now, Cleveland is hoping that some team would pitch an offer.

In a previous post, teams like the New York Knicks could meet that expectation and sacrifice some of their players. Drummond holds an expiring $28.8 million deal–a reason why most teams prefer to see a buyout.

Aside from the Knicks, other teams linked to two-time All-Star players include Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors.

The Brooklyn Nets, the looming Eastern Conference champion, could also try their luck. But the acquisition of Blake Griffin could lower that interest from head coach Steve Nash's end.

Andre Drummond #3 and Isaac Okoro #35 of the Cleveland Cavaliers Andre Drummond #3 and Isaac Okoro #35 of the Cleveland Cavaliers Photo: Getty Images | Harrison Barden

For Drummond, he is likely to settle for a buyout and then settle for a minimum salary after. His best bet is joining a contender, one that could help him win an NBA ring.

The Lakers remain favorites even with their dilapidated roster. It may be a rental for them to boost their chances.

After that, Drummond can end up waiting on big offers in the offseason. But by that time he could see his value rise–especially if he wins an NBA title to add to his basketball resume.