• LeBron James wants to bring Delonte West to Los Angeles
  • Danny Ainge is ready to help West once again
  • James and West did not exactly have a smooth relationship

Former NBA player Delonte West needs help and there are a lot of people ready to extend assistance. The latest one to join the cause is LeBron James, West's former teammate when both were still with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2008-2010).

It should be noted that James and West do have a jagged history. In a previous post, it was mentioned how West was linked to rumors on an alleged affair with the three-time NBA champion's mother. The 24th pick of the 2004 NBA Draft denied the claim while James and his mother never talked about it.

Regardless, their past appears to have been all but forgotten. James got word of the sad plight of West and was reportedly heartbroken. In an effort to help, James has reportedly instructed his business partner that he wants West in Los Angeles. The four-time NBA MVP is ready to spend whatever money it takes to help the 36-year-old get back on his feet, according to a report by The Baller Media via Instagram.

Videos of West getting beaten made rounds on social media just recently. In a previous report, a shirtless West was handcuffed in what turned out to be an argument with someone he knew. According to TMZ Sports, it was the 6-foot-4 guard who started the mess after throwing a glass bottle at an unidentified man.

The recent videos show West continued to fall since last playing in the NBA back in 2015 for the Dallas Mavericks. The last time he played basketball was for the Texas Legends back in 2015. That stint was however cut short when West suffered a season-ending injury.

Before James entered the picture, several people had already tried to help out West who is suffering from a bipolar disorder. That includes the NBA Players Association as well as team execs Danny Ainge and Mark Cuban, The Athletic reported.

Ainge revealed how he employed West to be their scout in Washington. However, West was unable to follow through with the work and things just fizzled out. Now, Ainge and Cuban are ready to help out West once more as they join the cause to help the former NBA guard get back on his feet.

“Delonte has obviously some troubles and some trials that he’s trying to deal with in his life, and I just hope that he can fix his life and get back on a good path,” Ainge said.