The Miami Heat are reportedly looking for new faces to lead the franchise and rid themselves of dead money from the investment made on current superstars. The names of Chris Paul, P.J. Tucker, and Eric Gordon have surfaced as possible additions for next NBA season, but team president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra will first have to create the necessary salary room if they are to pursue these three players currently with the Houston Rockets.

According to the Miami Herald, the Heat are expected to look into the status of Paul, Tucker, and Gordon with Hassan Whiteside looming as the player Miami could deal off. However, there are questions surrounding that possibility – mostly in the numbers crunch sense. Aside from Whiteside, there is also Dragic to consider. Depending on how Riley and Spoelstra weigh in that potential deal, it could be an investment that may hopefully reap dividends to the Heat.

Of the three players, Paul should give Heat something to think about. He is set to earn $38 million next season and will carry a $124 million over the next three years, All U Can Heat reported. As one can see, CP3 comes at a hefty price – yet another high-risk gamble that could make or break the Heat’s campaign next season. But a look on the bright side, Paul could flourish in Miami seeing he has less ball-hogging issues which came out in the open following their 2018-19 NBA playoff exit.

Tucker and Gordon could also make sense – possibly making it a multiplayer swap. But a worry here is Paul’s atrocious contract which may force Riley to do some pencil pushing and thinking. Also, Miami should not limit its options on Paul if they want a proven court general to take the lead. There are others still available in the market – one of which is Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies. He is another player expected to be high on the list of teams in search of a tested playmaker who can also make big shots when needed.

The alleged interest in Paul, Tucker, and Gordon comes not long after the Heat were allegedly interested in getting J.R. Smith. But as mentioned in a previous report, that could be no more than a way to dump out some salary on the Heat’s end unless Riley and Spoelstra plan to give the controversial wingman a chance for the 2019-20 NBA season.