• The Los Angeles Clippers have yet to offer Paul George a new deal
  • George says he is happy and wants to retire a Clipper
  • He needs to show improvement this 2020-21 NBA season

Paul George saw a slight dip in production last NBA season, but his numbers are more than decent. He struggled in his first year as a Los Angeles Clipper, though he revealed it was because of the way he was used by former coach Doc Rivers.

Entering a new season, the six-time All-Star seems tired of jumping from one team to another. He said Friday that he hopes to play out the rest of his career with the Clippers, reported. A crucial step toward fulfilling that goal could happen soon.

George is eligible for a contract extension until Dec. 21. The Clippers have not offered anything yet, but that could dictate what happens next.

The 30-year-old’s performance last season could be excused since it was his first year with Los Angeles. However, that is no longer valid for the upcoming season. A lot has been said about the gripes and the issues that the 6-foot-8 has been involved in. Most will recall that celebrated spat he had with former teammate Montrezl Harrell that went viral.

Harrell is no longer around and the belief is that all is well in Los Angeles. George said that he is happy being in his current situation. He also confirmed that he is committed to staying with the Clippers and wants to retire with the team if given the chance.

“It’s one of the teams I grew up loving and wanting to be a part of for a long time. I’m committed, I’m here. I want to be here, I want to retire a Clipper. I’ll say that every year. This is where my heart is and I’m happy, I’m happy regardless of whatever happens. I’m happy being here,” George said.

Last season, George played in 48 games, averaging 21.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists in 29.6 minutes of action, per Basketball-Reference. Those are decent numbers, but his performance last season blew hot and cold.

According to a previous report, George pointed to the way that Rivers used him as one of the reasons why he was not able to do more than what was expected of him. He mentioned how the former coach tried to play him like Ray Allen or JJ Redick, asserting that it was just not his game.

The coming season will be important for George. Even if he doesn’t get a contract extension, the 2020-21 season is an audition for him to gain interest from other clubs. Will the Clippers save him the trouble and dangle him a new contract? Los Angeles has until Dec. 21 to do so.

Paul George #13 of the LA Clippers
Paul George #13 of the LA Clippers Getty Images | Mike Ehrmann