• The Miami Heat are on the right track for another NBA title
  • Heat unlikely to win it all this NBA season
  • Pat Riley is quietly making moves to take the Heat back on top

The Miami Heat continue to surprise many despite internal problems persisting from within. Jimmy Butler seems to have finally found a home while rising stars like Kendrick Nunn, Duncan Robinson, and Tyler Herro are proving to be good investments. In all, things can only get better for team president Pat Riley.

Right now, the Heat are in third spot of the NBA Eastern Conference with a 26-10 win-loss record. And with the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, the Heat could add a couple of more players to boost their campaign. So far, the names of Jrue Holiday and Kevin Love have been mentioned but nothing has rolled as of this writing.

Regardless if the Heat do add more players to the fold, critics feel that winning another NBA title this season is murky. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN's "The Jump," Miami is a dangerous team to deal with right now with the way they are playing. And looking ahead, they are a team players would love to be in.

With the NBA trade deadline set for Feb. 6, the new faces possibly joining the Heat could help mold what lies ahead. Riley has been known to pull some strings in the past and pundits feel that such is happening right now. But the question now is who will he get to compliment his modest bunch who have been helping boost Miami's campaign this 2019-20 NBA season?

Before anything else, the Heat need to clean shop. They have some overpriced players in the doghouse such as Dion Waiters and James Johnson. Most are eager to see what the Heat plan to do with them since their salaries eat up a large chunk of Miami's salary budget.

In a previous post, it was mentioned that Riley did meet with the two in an effort to get everyone back on the same page. This could be nothing more than to make the most out of Waiters and Johnson. Looking ahead, deals involving the two (and possibly more) could happen.

Keeping an eye on Miami's move starting now would be a good idea. Riley is cooking up something and among his future plans would be to win another NBA title. The last time they won NBA gold was in 2013, almost seven years ago. If not this year, that title drought could end in the coming years.

Pat Riley and LeBron James Pat Riley was not pleased with LeBron James' departure but believes he made the right choice. Pictured: Miami Heat's president Pat Riley (L) holds the trophy and shares a laugh with one of his players, LeBron James, after presenting James with the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year award at halftime during their NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks in Miami, Florida, Jan. 2, 2013. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity