• Chris Paul's tweet leaves fans guessing if he will return to Phoenix
  • Paul may want a multi-year deal if he opts out of his contract this summer
  • One pundit feels the Suns may not be willing to pay him big money

Chris Paul is trying to move on after falling short of potentially winning his first NBA title with the Phoenix Suns.

Despite his age, "CP3" has proven that he can still help a team to success, a reason why he has been linked to several teams should he opt to leave the Suns this offseason.

Paul has a player option where he would be paid $44 million next season. Considering the big money he is due, that would be hard to pass up.

But considering that he is in the twilight of his career, the 11-time All-Star may opt-out of that deal but want two things in exchange.

One is a team that has high chances of winning an NBA title and the other is a multi-year contract.

He could be looking to get a two or three-year deal–either with the Suns or some other team.

Regardless, Paul thanked the fans and appeared to hint he would be returning to Phoenix. His post read: “Thank you to Phoenix and all the fans on a great season! Back to work #CantGiveUpNow.”

There are several ways to approach his message. But the notable part is getting “back to work.” Was he referring to returning to Phoenix or preparing for the next season on his own?

The hashtag of #CantGiveUpNow” may also throw some basketball aficionados off. Does it mean he is not giving up on his career or the Suns?

Regardless, the money that Paul would be demanding will come into play. Assuming he picks up the player option, some feel that Suns may not be willing to pay him that much for the 2021-22 NBA wars.

This scenario was pointed out by IMG Academy director Dan Barto when he guested on the Sports For All PH podcast.

“If you’re Phoenix, you can’t just pay him $40 million and try to deal with the rest. I think it’s going to be weird like I could see him ending up in Utah or Miami, somewhere strange. I don’t see him being in New York. I could even see Chicago. I see him taking a three-year deal where he knows he will get along with the coach and where he is going to be able to lead a team and almost repeat what they are doing now,” Barto stated.

 Chris Paul #3 of the Phoenix Suns Chris Paul #3 of the Phoenix Suns reacts in the second half of game five of the NBA Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks Photo: Getty Images | Christian Petersen