Kenny Smith
Kenny "The Jet" Smith believes the LA Lakers will make the playoffs regardless of what LaVar Ball says. Pictured: Kenny Smith speaks onstage as Fall Out Boy takes the stage at American Express All-Star Live at Hammerstein Ballroom broadcast live on TNT to tip-off NBA All-Star 2015 on February 12, 2015 in New York City. Getty Images/Stephen Lovekin

The Los Angeles Lakers remain in the headlines even after they failed to land Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. But during that period, there was someone who was making a lot of noise -- LaVar Ball.

Ball is no stranger when it comes trying to get a piece of the limelight. His reaction was a result of his son, Lonzo Ball, being part of that ridiculous package to possibly land Davis from the Pelicans. The elder Ball was not shy in expressing his feelings about the matter, saying that he would rather see Lonzo play in Phoenix (Suns) than in New Orleans, ESPN reported.

While the smoke has cleared on the Davis trade, Ball added one last warning shot. He said that the Lakers will not win an NBA title without Lonzo manning the backcourt, Yahoo Sports reported. Hence, he could be hinting that the Lakers may have trouble advancing to the postseason wars this season with his son relegated to the sidelines because of a Grade 3 ankle sprain he sustained back in January.

Regardless, there is at least one person who believes that the Lakers will make the playoffs. Kenny "The Jet" Smith, a retired NBA player who now works as a TV basketball analyst, is guaranteeing that the Lakers will make the playoffs, TMZ Sports reported.

Smith has been known to make crazy predictions, although he did explain why he made the forecast.

"It's not about dads and uncles and cousins in the NBA. It's not like high school," Smith said. "The relationship is only your agent and player. As long as the agent and the player doesn't say anything, you're fine."

True enough, it is a business and LaVar Ball is nothing more than a stage father who wants a bit of the spotlight. He should, however, watch his ways since his tantrums may eventually wear down the patience of the Lakers and also affect his son's professional basketball tenure. This applies not only to the Lakers but other teams, in the event that Lonzo is trade.

Smith also made some other revelations in that interview. He said that he has not yet given up coaching in the NBA and that he sees himself actually being an NBA general manager as well. That could happen, but the question of which team and when is up in the air.