• Kelly Oubre Jr. has been in-and-out in the Warriors' rotation for the past few games due to wrist injury
  • New report states that Oubre will be evaluated further to determine if he can continue playing
  • The Dubs forward wants to play despite the new diagnosis

While Klay Thompson is obviously itching to make his return, another injured Warriors star refuses to miss the remaining games of the season.

This past April, Warriors forward Kelly Oubre Jr. suffered a wrist injury and missed the next five consecutive games.

However, the 25-year-old has managed to return and has been playing with discomfort.

New diagnosis revealed that Oubre has a torn wrist ligament and broken hand and “will be evaluated further” to determine if he can be fit to play for the rest of the season, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on Saturday.

Shortly after incurring the said injury, Oubre insisted that he’s making progress and won’t be halted by it.

"It's getting better gradually," Oubre told the media of his injury last month. "But I don't really give things time to heal because I just want to play. Mind over matter. I don't allow it to -- try not to."

Now, the new and more serious diagnosis didn’t seem to bother Oubre either as he is said to be “maintaining that mindset” at the moment, CBS Sports reported.

Oubre, who has started in almost all of the games he played for the Warriors this season, found himself coming off the bench when he returned against the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards.

According to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, he just wanted to strike while the iron is hot, having found “something” with Kent Bazemore in the absence of Oubre.

"This really only has to do with this year," Kerr said on KNBR's "Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks" show last month. "I learned a long time ago -- if you find momentum, don't do anything to change it.”

"I felt like we found something with [Kent] Bazemore in the starting lineup a couple weeks back when Kelly [Oubre Jr.] got injured,” he continued. “We just seemed to have a good rhythm. And so I went to Kelly when he was ready to come back and I told him what I was gonna do."

"He handled it perfectly,” the coach assured. “He's handled it really professionally."

As for Oubre, his new role in the Warriors team isn’t much of an issue as he just wants to help the club win.

"Whatever I can do to help this team, that's what I'm gonna do,” the forward clarified. “Staying ready so I don't have to get ready."

Oubre did not play on Saturday night’s clash against the Houston Rockets, his second straight missed game after playing five games since the injury.

To date, he is averaging 15.4 points and six rebounds per game.

 Kelly Oubre Jr. #12 of the Golden State Warriors
Kelly Oubre Jr. #12 of the Golden State Warriors Getty Images | Thearon W. Henderson