Carmelo Anthony is shooting a career low 40 percent from the field this season.
Carmelo Anthony is shooting a career low 40 percent from the field this season. Reuters

A year after Carmelo Anthony demanded to be traded to New York, he may be looking to leave the Big Apple.

The New York Post is reporting that Anthony wants to be traded by Thursday's deadline. The paper says the Knicks forward told a confidant that he wanted to be moved after the Knicks lost to the Bulls on Monday night.

The report says Anthony's feelings stem from his relationship with head coach Mike D'Antoni.

Anthony and D'Antoni have been unable to get on the same page since the star arrived in New York. Anthony has struggled in D'Antoni's offensive system. He has also received less playing time at the end of games than he ever has in his career.

On Sunday, against Philadelphia, Anthony did not play the entire fourth quarter. Publicly, the forward said the move didn't bother him. Some in the media have suggested that Anthony was not being completely honest.

A source says Anthony may want to stay with the Knicks, but only if D'Antoni does not return next season. According to the Post, Anthony was told at the end of last season that D'Antoni would not be the Knicks head man this year.

Anthony may want out, but the report says he won't ask for a trade, like he did when he was with Denver.

The forward is also said to be disillusioned with general manager Glen Grunwald. A source says Grunwald and Anthony have only spoken once since the GM took over the team. Anthony feels that the GM does not trust him.

Anthony has struggled this season, averaging 21.3 points per game. That's his lowest total since his sophomore campaign. He has also been heavily criticized for his effort on the defensive end.

The Knicks have been in a free fall since Anthony rejoined the lineup coming off an injury.

New York is just 2-8 with the star back in the lineup.

While Anthony was sidelined during much of Linsanity, many feared the return of the star would disrupt the team's chemistry. Those fears have been realized over the past few weeks.

The Knicks aren't expected to deal the forward.

According to the New York Daily News, MSG chairman James Dolan and MSG president Scott O'Neil don't want to give up on Anthony. Dolan reportedly pushed for New York to acquire Anthony last year, even though many in the organization were against the move.

Reportedly, Anthony and D'Antoni spoke Tuesday night in an attempt to fix their relationship.