The New York Knicks are reportedly planning a trade package for Washington Wizards star guard John Wall, should he become available. It was reported last month by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that the Wizards (10-14) were open to trade discussions over each of their players, including the likes of Wall and Bradley Beal, given the team's struggles in the league.

In comparison to Beal, Wall hasn't attracted as much trade interest even though he's the more experienced of the two, mainly because of his contract. While the 28-year-old is earning $19.1 million this season, he will have a four-year supermax contract extension kick in next season, earning him an average of $42 million, with many feeling his recent performances don't merit such a contract.

Despite all this, the Knicks are planning on making a move, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post, who reported the organization was "stocking up their young assets" for a potential Wall trade in what would have to be a three-team swap.

"It would have to be a three-team deal with the Knicks throwing in Ntilikina, Dotson, Courtney Lee (for cap purposes), a 2020 first-round and second-round pick," Berman wrote.

Whether the Wizards accept such a deal is unknown at this point, but it could have major implications for New York next year.

The Knicks have big plans for the summer when many of the league's top players can become unrestricted free agents. They are one of two reportedly likely destinations for Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant should he leave, while previous reports states they were also hoping to add one more marquee player.

However, if they were to trade for Wall, they would likely not have the cap space to offer Durant a maximum contract, projected to start at $38.15 million due to him having over 10 seasons of experience, unless they do further shedding from their roster.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have improved of late with four wins in their last six games and are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference. If results continue to improve, they may change their stance on both Wall and Beal and deem them untradable again.

Even if they were to trade Wall, it would also make more financial sense for them to do it next season when his four-year supermax extension kicks in, due to a 15 percent trade kicker in his deal as ESPN's Zach Lowe explained last month.

"A Wall deal before July 1 is unlikely in part due to complexities surrounding his 15 percent trade kicker — believed to be the first trade kicker that would be spread over the length of a supermax contract," Lowe reported in November. "Trade kickers cannot lift a player's salary above his maximum in the year he is traded, meaning Wall's payout could shrink if the Wizards trade him in 2019-20 once he shifts onto his supermax deal — and perhaps close to $0 in that 2019-20 season, sources say."

The Wizards play the struggling Atlanta Hawks (5-19) on Wednesday next.