Given the rumors surrounding a future move for Kevin Durant to the New York Knicks, some may be surprised to hear that the organization only has a "chance" of getting a meeting with him.

That's according to ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski who was discussing whether the Knicks could land a big star like Durant next summer.

The 30-year-old is expected to become an unrestricted free agent next year and the speculation is that he will leave the Golden State Warriors, with the two main reported destinations being either the Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Joining the Knicks and potentially bringing their first championship since 1973 as the main star would certainly help repair the perception and legacy of Durant's career to many, following his heavily-maligned 2016 move to a Warriors side that just finished the regular season with a 73-9 record.

And while Wojnarowski states that New York will be a "consideration" for the Warriors star, he notes that anything can happen between now and free agency next year, and that means a meeting is also not guaranteed.

"I think it [Knicks] will be a consideration for him," Wojnarowski told WFUV over the weekend. "...Players change their mind a thousand times between now and when they have to make the decision."

"Certainly though, the Knicks will be in, they have a chance to get a meeting with him. [Compared to years ago] they didn't get a meeting with Kevin Durant the last time he was a free agent [in 2016] and neither did the Lakers," he said.

Wojnarowski adds that there is also an entire process that comes with trying to land a free agent as big as Durant, which is usually not ignored.

“Getting a player like that typically takes years of building up a program, building up an infrastructure, building credibility with what you’re doing and history kind of shows you that it usually doesn’t get short-circuited by a guy who’s a big, big free agent,” Wojnarowski explained. “If you’re talking about Kevin Durant, some people might say he's the best player in the league right now."

“History tells you that usually that player either stays where he is or he goes somewhere where something’s been established there and has been building toward this. The Knicks may not fit that description. But New York's unique and there's some relationships there," he added.

New York is definitely unique in that it's the biggest market in the world with the Knicks playing in the iconic Madison Square Garden — a venue Durant has spoken highly of.

There's also plenty of relationships to consider such as one of Durant's closest friends and former teammate Royal Ivey being the assistant coach, general manager Scott Perry being part of the front office that initially drafted Durant, and Durant's father and business partner being huge Knicks fans.

Of course, New York will have to get a meeting first and convince the former Oklahoma City Thunder star to make the move should he become an unrestricted free agent.