Carmelo Anthony is still technically part of Houston Rockets, and it seems that the only option left right now is the free agent market. Great shooter he may be, it seems no team is moving to avail of his services.

With a player of his caliber, there is no denying that he can play for several teams in need of a prime scorer. The Los Angeles Lakers were initially seen to be his immediate destination, seeing how LeBron James had sent feelers that he wanted his friend on the team. Unfortunately, the Lakers thought otherwise and that was the end of that.

And while many are still wondering which team would take in the 34-year-old cager, a report from the New York Times listed down the teams that have resisted Anthony. The Lakers were, of course, one of them, with the two other clubs being the Philadelphia 76ers and the Charlotte Hornets.

Per his report, all three teams were logical destinations, but Anthony’s lackluster performance has left the Lakers, Sixers and Hornets skeptical when it comes to bringing him in. Aside from this, there is Melo's history tied up to that. He has been known to want the ball in his hands most of the time, something that has become a concern for teams when it comes to having the ball move around to other players.

At his age, the chances of Melo changing his ways in the court are slim. He has played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and briefly with the Houston Rockets, both less than desirable stints where he had an erratic showing.

For the Rockets, trading Anthony has been a nightmare. Teams could offer draft picks or seldom used players for the all-star forward, but nothing has gone down to date. The belief is that most are waiting for the Rockets to waive Anthony and then contemplate on their move on the 10-time All-Star.

Should that happen, one team that could resurface is the Lakers. TMZ got footage of James and Anthony together with their partners at a New York City steakhouse. Apparently, LeBron was in town with the Lakers, who unfortunately lost to the Brooklyn Nets.

The two having dinner may be nothing to the normal eye. But given the anxiety tied up in where Anthony may play next, this could spur another round of rumors tying up the 34-year-old forward to the Lakers.

James has made it known he wants his buddy on the team. So will the Lakers be amenable to that rant or will they stand firm on their decision of having no interest in Melo?