• The Clippers are in need of help, but none among Turner, Brogdon and Holiday make sense
  • The Clippers' financial situation makes any Pacers deal look improbable
  • Holiday is the most likely player to be dealt, but he is not seen as a major upgrade for any team

With the NBA trade deadline winding down, the Los Angeles Clippers are another team who could be making a move.

So far, three players from one team have been linked to the Clips. They are Myles Turner, Malcolm Brogdon and Aaron Holiday.

While these are players are talented and could give Los Angeles a boost, there are things to consider–including the price that the Clips will need to pay to some of them to their end.

Myles Turner

There is no doubt that the Clippers could use a boost if they can get Turner to their side. However, it would be best to note that these claims did not come from the Clippers organization.

Furthermore, there is the salary of the 25-year-old center to consider.

Turner is just in the second year of his four-year $80 million deal with the Pacers. After this season, he is still owed $35 million.

It would take some rotational players to acquire the 6-foot-11 player. He is seen as a better player than Ivica Zubac, but somehow the move is considered odd by some outlets.

Malcolm Brogdon

The Clippers could use some added firepower and Malcolm Brogdon could fill that void. However, the Pacers are unlikely to release him easily.

Like Turner, the salary he carries may not exactly fit in with how much the Clippers can spare. Brogdon is also in the second year of a four-year $85 million deal.

He is set to make $20.7 million this year and is owed $24.3 million in the next two years.

Justin Holiday #8 of the Indiana Pacers gives directions to Aaron Holiday #3 and Domantas Sabonis #11
Justin Holiday #8 of the Indiana Pacers gives directions to Aaron Holiday #3 and Domantas Sabonis #11 Getty Images | Tim Nwachukwu

Aaron Holiday

Lastly, there is Holiday who could be the most likely player moving out and headed to a new team.

The only thing with Holiday is that he may not be a big upgrade for the Clippers or any other team for that matter.

Looking at his performance this 2020-21 NBA season, Holiday has played in 41 games averaging just 6.9 points, 1.7 assists, and 1.2 rebounds in 18 minutes of action.

Factoring in the need of the Clippers, Holiday could be no better than a minor addition, making his rumored addition to Tyronn Lue’s cause a bit questionable.