• Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi watched two of Trae Young’s games
  • Trae learned that she was the favorite player of Gigi after meeting the two
  • Trae switched jerseys and reverted to number 11 after a timeout

Trae Young didn’t have the chance to play against Kobe Bryant but the latter surely left a legacy that the younger generation of players will embody for the rest of their careers.

The Atlanta Hawks guard wore the number 8 jersey during the tip-off in honor of Bryant, who tragically passed away due to a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA this morning. The second-year guard was one of the players that the Lakers great used to train with.

Young took an eight-second violation as he sat on the ball to commemorate his friend, while Isaiah Thomas held on to the ball and the Washington Wizards took a 24-second shot clock violation to remember the jersey numbers that Kobe have used in his career.

The Hawks took a time-out to regain their bearings and for Young to wear his usual number 11 to start the game.

Young was emotional upon learning the passing of Kobe, as well as his daughter Gianna. He shared his thoughts on his Twitter post, saying that Gigi told him that he was her favorite player to watch, which touched the sophomore’s heart. Gigi only has only watched three games this season, and two of them were of Young’s games.

With the first half about to end, Trae threw up a shot several steps from the half-court line and makes it at the buzzer then pointed to the heavens, making it clear that the shot was for the fallen Bryants.

Young went on to finish with 45 points, 14 assists, six rebounds, and a steal in 39 minutes and the Hawks went on to get the victory, 152-133.

After the game, the 21-year old went to Twitter and offered his victory to his mentor.

Bradley Beal had 40 points, six assists, and three rebounds to lead the offense for the Wizards.

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NBA Draft Prospect Trae Young speaks to the media before the 2018 NBA Draft at the Grand Hyatt New York Grand Central Terminal on June 20, 2018 in New York City. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images