The Houston Rockets have open roster spots and multiple free agents hope they can make the final cut. The openings just got bigger for these NBA hopefuls following Imam Shumpert's decision to turn down the contract offer.

There are several familiar names in the free-agent market. Among them include Corey Brewer, Raymond Felton, Nick Young, and Terrence Jones. Sources told Kelly Iko of The Athletic that these guys and more are headed to Las Vegas with hopes of getting a roster spot.

A key factor here would be their age. Brewer (33), Felton (35) and Young (34) may have odds stacked against them. Depending on the call of the Rockets, it is possible that they would prefer to add youth to their roster. Among the candidates include Jones, Isaiah Hartenstein, Michael Frazier, Ben McLemore, and Gary Clark. But then again, a good showing at camp could improve their chances.

The Rockets have a good starting unit and will be looking for players who can complement them. James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Eric Gordon are part of that. However, it remains that the Rockets need to beef up their bench.

As of this writing, the Rockets only have nine players with fully guaranteed contracts. There are eight clinging on temporary deals. Houston needs at least 13 players on the roster before the season starts. This is what the free-agent hopefuls are trying to fill, four to six spots that need to be accounted for in the coming months.

The selection process will be critical. In a previous post, team owner Tillman Fertita made it know that winning an NBA title needs to be done immediately. He is giving the team three to four years to do so. Aware that the clock is ticking, failure to take advantage now could mean having to rebuild yet again - likely with new stars or a supporting cast.

The Rockets need to add the right players for the 2019-20 NBA season. They are bunched up with plenty of souped-up teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Golden State Warriors are still a threat and there are unpredictable squads like the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets. The open slots will likely be filled according to need and their mini-camp showing.

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