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The Neko Hardware Wallet
The Neko Hardware Wallet The Neko LLC

The Neko LLC is a blockchain development company that focuses on blockchain innovation through decentralized technology products. The team's mission is to create a new standard desired by consumers and businesses in the DeFi space by providing a simple, safe method to engage with virtual currency.

The company's contributions emphasize the brighter future we predict in the DeFi sector by introducing MANEKI-NEKO/NEKO, an ERC20 Token, and a non-custodial software wallet (NekoMask), a non-custodial hardware wallet (The Neko), as well as security audits and testing (NekoGuard).

Neko Token's creation fulfilled the developers' vision of good fortune and wealth through passive income and deflationary tokenomics. This passive income will be provided through staking, in which token holders who stake their tokens will get rewards relative to the number of tokens staked as a fraction of the overall staking pool.

Neko Token – for Wealth, Security, and Innovation

The total supply of the Neko token is 100 billion. Over 35% of the Total Supply had been delivered to Lucky's Vault as of May 2022. This portion of the supply is permanently locked up and cannot be accessed again. Fundamentally, the circulating quantity of Neko Tokens is always decreasing, creating a deflationary mechanism for the token to make each token increasingly uncommon over time.

Each buy transaction of Neko is subject to a 5 percent tax. 4 percent is used to advertise and build The Neko ecosystem, while 1 percent is distributed to Neko Token holders via reflections based on their proportion of ownership. This fee effectively compensates Neko owners who maintain their Neko for extended periods.

On the other end, there is a 10% tax reduction for sale transactions. The tax breakdown includes 8% dedicated to marketing and development of The Neko ecosystem and 2% paid to Neko Token holders via reflections.

The Neko token is only accessible via the ERC20 network (Ethereum) and all other networks are not considered official. The team has determined that the only secure way to store all crypto assets, including Neko tokens, is to innovate and improve where the assets are stored.

The Token does not only strive for happiness and wealth but also security and innovation. This is indeed the beginning of a larger industry transformation ecosystem that will become the standard in the future and beyond.

Hardware and Software Wallets

NekoMask is a non-custodial software wallet with upgraded features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which prevents fraudulent transactions and removes any unnecessary third-party access. Other features include quick disconnect, the option to archive unneeded wallets, and unique gas modes.

NekoMask will also provide an ultra-secure software wallet with security and trading functionality that all users have long desired. It would also be accessible as a browser extension, as well as in the Apple and Google Play stores.

As well, the Neko hardware wallet is a tangible device that allows investors to safely store cross-chain digital assets, such as NFTs, in a way that has never been done before. This provides actual innovation by providing features not currently accessible on the market.

The Neko wallet is a complete hardware wallet solution for both individuals and businesses. It boasts a nice and smooth touch screen interface - swipe and tap - and is incredibly easy to use. Investors may own their cryptocurrency and generate Private Keys using a revolutionary offline engagement technique. To summarize, it is completely offline!

NekoGuard - A Complete Project Auditing Service

NekoGuard was founded to represent the spirit of true decentralization by providing a unique technique to ensure projects can manage risk and protect DeFi investors at a fraction of the cost of more centralized options.

As a whole project auditing service with an emphasis on security first, it includes automatic smart contract auditing, manual code reviews with dynamic testing by a team of DeFi security professionals, and brand audits of DeFi projects.

NFT Marketplace

The Neko Wallet Dapp has a custom-built cross-chain NFT Marketplace. Users will be able to see all NFT assets, irrespective of blockchain, in one place. The Neko Wallet will also support cross-chain transactions for any digital assets (including NFTs).

Within the User Profile, users may examine all of their assets. The Neko Wallet does away with the necessity for several wallets to keep digital assets across multiple chains.

Neko Token ownership will be required to undertake some NFT Marketplace functions, including cross-chain NFT listings, popular services, advertisements, and galleries on display.