Former Florida Gov. and U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks during a Heritage Action for America forum in Greenville, South Carolina, Sept.18, 2015. Reuters

Americans United for Change, a progressive group, released an ad Saturday that fires back at Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s comments during this week’s presidential debate that his brother, former President George W. Bush, “kept us safe." The ad is expected to begin airing next week and features clips of Jeb Bush’s debate comment mixed with clips of some of the chapters in George W. Bush's presidency, such as the war in Iraq, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the reaction to Hurricane Katrina.

During the debate, presidential candidate Donald Trump said the Bush presidency was a disaster, to which Jeb Bush responded: “As it relates to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure: He kept us safe.” Many criticized the statement, including some families who lost loved ones during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"It's as if Jeb Bush believes his brother's presidency began on Sept. 12, 2001," Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse told CNN in a statement. "We're not letting Jeb rewrite history. ... If Jeb Bush really believes his brother kept us safe, then Jeb Bush is the last person Americans should entrust their safety to."

Americans for Change has close ties to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Vox reported. A spokesperson for Bush’s campaign condemned the ad in a statement to CNN.