Bitcoin Mock-ups
Mock bitcoins are displayed on a table in a photoillustration taken in Berlin on Jan. 7, 2014. Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski

A new book purports to have unmasked the true identity of the bitcoin creator known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. Compiled after five months of research and a forensic study of Satoshi’s writing compared with a series of possible suspects, author Dominic Frisby believes that he’s identified the mind behind the popular digital cryptocurreny. For real this time.

Frisby, who describes himself as a comedian and a financial writer, dedicates a chapter of his upcoming book “Bitcoin: The Future of Money” to speculating that researcher Nick Szabo is the only person capable of engineering the anonymous form of currency. As evidence, Frisby cites an analysis of some 80,000 words known to be written by Satoshi in various places online, use of the coding language C++ and the knowledge that Szabo and Satoshi employ the same computer operating system. If the evidence doesn’t seem overwhelming, it won’t be a surprise to learn that Szabo himself denies the allegations.

“There is no proof, just a great deal of circumstantial evidence,” author Frisby told IBTimes UK. “Szabo denies it. At one stage, I thought it might be [renowned cryptographer] Charles Hoskinson, then I decided not. I try to keep an open mind, and if somebody can present a better candidate, then I’ll take a look. But as yet, there isn’t one.”

The book’s publication comes after Newsweek (which shares a parent company with International Business Times) was heavily criticized for claiming to identify Satoshi Nakamoto. The magazine failed to convince much of the technology world, creating a sense of doubt that now accompanies any supposed identification of the bitcoin creator. Yet the ongoing fascination has also compelled a number of attention-seekers to join the debate, a group in which Frisby now counts himself.

“He has also worked as a TV presenter, a boxing-ring announcer, a florist, a removal man, an extremely camp theatrical agent’s PA, a sports commentator and a busker. He also does a lot of voiceovers,” Frisby wrote on his about the author page. "'Bitcoin: The Future of Money?' is his second book. With it, he plans to take over the world."