‘New Girl’
Will Aly (Nasim Pedrad) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) finally tie the knot in “New Girl” Season 7? FOX

“New Girl” Season 7 has been renewed by FOX for its final eight episodes, and recurring guest star Nasim Pedrad will still be part of the hit series.

In April, the actress was cast in TBS’ “People of Earth” as a series regular. According to TV Line, the actress will be playing the role of Special Agent Alex Foster, a smart and dedicated FBI investigator who will be getting a second lease at life. At the time of reporting, FOX still hadn’t made a final decision on whether or not “New Girl” will be picked up after six seasons.

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Now that the Zooey Deschanel-starrer is confirmed to return for its final eight episodes, fans couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Pedrad’s character, Aly, will still be part of the series. TV Line writer Michael Ausiello just dropped the news that Pedrad will still be involved in “New Girl” Season 7, and she will be part of either six or seven out of the eight upcoming installments.

By the looks of it, the filming for “People of Earth” and “New Girl” will not take place around the same time. This makes it possible for Pedrad to reprise her role as Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) wife. The actress was first introduced in “New Girl” in Season 4 as Winton’s partner at the LAPD. The two characters became romantically involved in Season 5. Last season, the couple got engaged. This means that Aly’s absence from Season 7 may be unacceptable for some fans who expect her to tie the knot with Winston.

Meanwhile, the finale episode for “New Girl” Season 6 didn’t feature Aly and Winston’s wedding because Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) union was prioritized by the writers and producers of the show. After several years of dating, Cece and Schmidt exchanged their “I do’s” at the loft where they first met each other. Their wedding almost didn’t happen when Schmidt got stuck on the tarmac for hours, but he made it just in time for a small but meaningful ceremony in the place that they once called their home.

“New Girl” Season 7 will return to FOX sometime in the fall.