A new propaganda video released by militants pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, threatened Malaysia directly for police efforts aimed at eradicating radical Islam in the country. The video was released soon after Malaysian police conducted raids on a suspected terror cell over the weekend.

“We will never bow down to the democratic system of governance as we will only follow Allah’s rules,­” one militant says in the video, speaking in the country’s native language of Malay, the Straits Times reported Sunday. “If you catch us, we will only increase in number,” he said, speaking on behalf of the local Indonesian-Malaysian wing of ISIS, known as Katibah Nusantara.

The video coincided with another propaganda release from ISIS that purports to show the Paris attackers who killed 130 people in a spate of assaults in November as they trained for their assault in Syria.

The video surfaced following a three-day raid in Malaysia over the weekend by the counterterrorism forces that looked to target an alleged terror cell that had been funding ISIS in Syria and planning its own attacks. Several hundred Malaysians have left the country to join ISIS in Syria and at least 72 have returned, according to Al Jazeera.

Fears of the influence of the Islamic terror group in Southeast Asia grew after several people were killed in a suicide bombing in Jakarta on Jan. 14. Of the seven people killed in the busy downtown area of the Indonesian capital, at least five were attackers.

“This threat is very real and my government takes it very seriously,­” Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said at a conference on radicalization, Reuters reported Monday. “This is a challenge that faces us all around the world. We are far from immune to this danger in Malaysia,­” he said.