Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (center) sent Twitter into a tailspin when he hugged Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (left) Sunday night. Reuters

The Twitterverse went wild Sunday night as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cheered on his favorite NFL team from inside Jerry Jones’ suite at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. While the governor hugged Jones and rooted for the Cowboys, who took on the Detroit Lions 24-20 in a tense playoff game, Twitter users noticed it was the third time Christie appeared at a Dallas game.

“Chris Christie Cowboys” and “Chris Christie Jerry Jones” soon turned into popular search terms on the social media site. Christie displayed pure joy as his team scored a touchdown and took the lead. As he did, Twitter users soon began to poke fun at how excited he got.

Others quipped he might close down the George Washington Bridge to hold a parade for the Cowboys.

Some couldn’t believe he was a proud Cowboys fans.

A few mentioned his weight, and made cruel comments regarding his apparent eating habits.

For those who mentioned “Jerry Jones” and “Chris Christie” together, people couldn’t imagine how a New Jersey resident could be so happy about the Cowboys and claimed he lost Jersey credibility.

Some said it would make him lose the 2016 nomination.

Others said seeing him in the box with Jones made them sick.

As Christie happily cheers the Cowboys, New Jersey taxpayers might be thinking twice about their governor. NFL playoff tickets, especially skybox tickets, are hard to come by and quite expensive. While they could have been given to Christie as a gift, it’s against the New Jersey ethics code to accept valuable gifts -- especially favors that could be result in political gain.

The gifts, favors, services and other items of value section of the New Jersey code of conduct states there is “a zero tolerance policy for acceptance of gifts.” It continues: “Unless you are permitted to receive the gift or thing of value in accordance with the commission’s rules on attendance at events, you, your spouse, immediate family member, partner or associate shall not accept, either directly or indirectly, any gift, favor, service or other thing of value related in any way to your official public duties.”

However, in 2010 the Associated Press reported tickets are set aside at MetLife Stadium -- formerly Meadowlands Stadium -- Izod Center and the PNC Bank Arts Center for various state officials to enable them to entertain business prospects in style.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak told the AP skybox tickets were put aside for the governor so he could fulfill his hosting duties.

"The boxes obviously provide entertainment but serve legitimate business, government and political functions as well," Drewniak said. "Dignitaries, promoters and vendors, political figures, including political opponents, and others would be expected to use the boxes."