New Jersey Governor Chris Christie plans to bring in $2 million by Dec. 31 of this year from top donors for his reelection campaign, Politico reports. With only 11 days to collect the lump sum, Christie’s late 2012 announcement that he will be running for Governor of the Northeastern state once again makes his first goal difficult.

Politico claims that unnamed sources close to Christie reelection officials said that deep-pocketed supporters were told that they were aiming for this short term date to raise the amount. After Hurricane Sandy devastated the coast and Christie demonstrated leadership in the time of tragedy, this massive amount of cash on his side could make the present governor a near impossible foe for any democrat who runs against him.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a potential challenger, according to Politico, and Booker also boasts a hopeful fundraiser; however, sources close to Booker allegedly pit the Mayor for a Senate campaign, nixing his run in the gubernatorial race.

For Christie to get moving on his reelection campaign, it was crucial that he raise a large amount of money before the end of the year, according the Politico. The $2 million still remains a remarkable expectation -- the Garden State has a $3,800 limit on donations.

The political publication claims that an email to potential donors requests that “founding members” to Christie's reelection committee raise $50,000 from 12 donors before the end of the year.