Poop Highlighter
Clean Slate Cosmetics created a makeup highlighter that looks like poop. Here, the Melanin Glow Whipped Highlighter is pictured November 2017. Clean Slate Cosmetics/Instagram

An indie beauty brand made headlines in January for some unusual aesthetics. It introduced a makeup highlighter that shares a striking resemblance to the poop emoji.

Clean Slate Cosmetics (CSC), a hand-crafted vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, are the masterminds behind the seemingly poop-like whipped highlighters. It's the company's Melanin Glow Whipped Highlighter that has led many social media users to do a double take on its dark brown, poop-looking color. The highlighter is also available in an assortment of other shades.

CSC's whipped highlighter is best applied with fingers or a sponge, the company said. If used correctly, it will be able to dissolve into the skin and create "a soft matte glowing effect" as a result.

Due to the product's frothy texture and appearance, it doesn't look like a standard powdered highlighter. This alone has allowed it stand out among Instagram users who were seemingly divided on the issue, with many people either claiming the product "looks like golden poo" or is "gorgeous."

"When creating the 'Poop' Highlighter, I simply wanted something beautiful and out of the box for my supporters to experience," Ebonie Baxter, CSC's owner and CEO, told International Business Times. "When [YouTuber] Tati Westbrook vlogged about it, I was simply happy that she was able to bring my hand-crafted creation to life!"

"Our whipped highlighter, aka poop highlighter, has become one of my top-selling items — out selling our trademarked lip composites. We are currently adding colors to our line," Baxter added.

Westbrook tested the indie beauty product during a video review for her YouTube channel, which boasts more than 3.7 million subscribers. Her review, which was published Jan. 2, pulled in over 1.3 million views.

"If you're into that more glowy, iridescent, colorful highlight, I actually think this is not bad," Westbrook said of the product. "I would just suggest don't go in with a sponge. Do your finger because it will blend a lot better and you'll have more control."

CSC's whipped highlighter's retail for $16.50.