In 2011, Nissan won the rights to build a new exclusive taxi for New York City with the NV200. While several of the vehicles have been sold and are now roaming the streets, they are no longer the exclusive taxi. A judge recently revoked Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s deal to make this taxi the exclusive cab for New York.

It was built for the people and the city, but now that cab owners are not obliged to buy one, will the city adopt the new taxi?

The futuristic vehicle boasts a long list of features that enhance comfort, space and safety. With both the driver and passenger in mind, the NV200 aims to make the ride, wherever it may go, more pleasant. Nissan representative Alex Chaoush showed us the taxi of tomorrow and took us for a spin around the streets of Queens.

The first thing you notice is how the doors slide across and do not open onto the streets. Once inside the vehicle, it’s hard not to be impressed with the exceptional amount of leg room. A driver intercom can be switched on or off to make communicating much easier. If your phone battery is low, there is a USB plug so you can charge up in those moments of need.

The transparent panoramic roof gives you a look at the city skyline, and with the sliding windows you can feel and watch the city all around you. You also can control the temperature with your own AC in the back.

A light at the front of the taxi will also turn on to alert people when the horn will be used. There are also warning lights that let other vehicles know when the doors are opening and passengers will be exiting the vehicle.

But with all these features, Nissan disappointed some New Yorkers when they decided not to make the vehicle into a hybrid version.

We may be seeing the Taxi of Tomorrow around the streets of other major U.S. cities, and possibly Japan and Australia. The future for the NV200 appears to be bright, but will it ever be freely adopted by all taxi drivers in the city?