New York just became the sixth and the largest state to legalize gay marriage. The law will now recognize the marriage of same-sex couples and grant them the legal status (e.g. pertaining to taxes, social security, medical situations, etc.) of married couples.

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo was instrumental in convincing a Republican-controlled New York Senate to pass the law. Republicans had 32 of the 62 seats. The vote on gay marriage came down to 33 votes for it and 29 votes against it.

One Democrat voted against it and 4 Republicans voted for it. The rest of the lawmakers voted for along their party lines.

Ruben Diaz is the Democrat who voted against it. Born in Puerto Rico, the Bronx State Senator is vocal in his opposition against gay marriage.

In a recent joint article with Michael Long (chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State), he said the following.

1) marriage is and should remain the union of husband and wife

2) gay marriage is not inevitable

3) if gay marriage passes, it is Republicans across the state who will pay the biggest price.

Republicans James S. Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy J. McDonald, and Stephen M. Saland voted for it.

Alesi: I believe that if you live in America and if you expect equality and freedom for yourself, that you have to extend it to other people.

Grisanti: I cannot legally come up an argument against same-sex marriage. A staunch Catholic, he actually ran on the platform of opposing gay marriage.

McDonald: Well f*** it; I don't care what you think. He voted against gay marriage in 2009. Now, he claims he's tired of partisan politics (hence the f*** it) and just wants to do what he thinks is right.

Saland: I must define doing the right thing as treating all persons with equality in the definition of law as it pertains to marriage.

Adams Democratic YES

Addabbo Democratic YES

Avella Democratic YES

Breslin Democratic YES

Diaz Democratic NO

Dilan Democratic YES

Duane Democratic YES

Espaillat Democratic YES

Gianaris Democratic YES

Hassell-Thompson Democratic YES

Huntley Democratic YES

Kennedy Democratic YES

Krueger Democratic YES

Kruger Democratic YES

Montgomery Democratic YES

Oppenheimer Democratic YES

Parker Democratic YES

Peralta Democratic YES

Perkins Democratic YES

Rivera Democratic YES

Sampson Democratic YES

Serrano Democratic YES

Smith Democratic YES

Squadron Democratic YES

Stavisky Democratic YES

Stewart-Cousins Democratic YES

Carlucci Ind. Dem. YES

Klein Ind. Dem YES

Savino Ind. Dem YES

Valesky Ind. Dem YES

Alesi Republican YES

Ball Republican NO

Bonacic Republican NO

DeFrancisco Republican NO

Farley Republican NO

Flanagan Republican NO

Fuschillo Republican NO

Gallivan Republican NO

Golden Republican NO

Griffo Republican NO

Grisanti Republican YES

Hannon Republican NO

Johnson Republican NO

Lanza Republican NO

Larkin Republican NO

LaValle Republican NO

Libous Republican NO

Little Republican NO

Marcellino Republican NO

Martins Republican NO

Maziarz Republican NO

McDonald Republican YES

Nozzolio Republican NO

O'Mara Republican NO

Ranzenhofer Republican NO

Ritchie Republican NO

Robach Republican NO

Saland Republican YES

Seward Republican NO

Skelos Republican NO

Young Republican NO

Zeldin Republican NO