The New York Giants unveiled their Super Bowl ring on Wednesday, finally getting the bling to match the Lombardi Trophy they earned after winning Super Bowl XLVI. The franchise is also giving fans a chance to try out the ring themselves with a new smartphone app.

The white gold ring made by Tiffany & Co. was designed with the input from ownership, personnel, Coach Tom Coughlin and captains Eli Manning and Justin Tuck.

The result? The Giants' trademark NY logo surrounded by four Lombardi trophies and a blue frame. The sides feature the player's name, number, the years of all four Super Bowl victories and the Super Bowl's final score.

After a few meetings, Tiffany came up with several different options that they showed us and you kind of picked from there, Manning said in a statement. We wanted it to be little different than the last ring.

The Giants also teamed up with the GoldRun mobile application, allowing fans to superimpose rings and Lombardy trophies onto photos of themselves.

The ring is a departure from 2008's, which was entirely white and devoid of color. This time, the players insisted on including some blue (didn't think a bunch of football players would be sticklers for design, did you?)

I think all of us wanted to have some blue in the ring, from the ownership down, Tuck said. We wanted to make the ring different from the ring we had earlier. The '08 ring had no color in it - it was just white diamonds. We wanted those to sparkle a little bit more and stand out a little bit more. We talked to guys on the team and the consensus was a lot of guys wanted to see more color in the ring.

The ring includes a strange element, the words Finish and All In engraved on the inside. The two became mantras for the team, as it struggled from barely making it into the playoffs to beating the New England Patriots 21-17.

Those were two things we prided ourselves on, not only during the season, but especially through the playoff run, Tuck said. And we won games that way. So we definitely wanted those in there.

Tom Brady was not available for comment.