One of Manny Pacquiao’s next possible opponents says he knows what it takes to beat the Filipino legend.

In the last 20 years, only one fighter managed to score a clean knockout over the boxing icon. Juan Manuel Marquez was the lone boxing champ to ever put Pacquiao to sleep inside the boxing ring since 1999. To this day, boxers are still trying to figure out how Marquez managed to do one of the hardest things to achieve in professional boxing.

Two-time world welterweight champion Shawn Porter begs to disagree, however. In a recent media scrum with EsNews, Porter boasted that he knows what it takes to take out an extremely skilled fighter like Pacquiao.

According to Porter, Marquez successfully exposed a hole in Pacquiao’s game during their final bout. Porter suggests that among the fighters who have been studying how to beat the legend, it is only him, who was able to learn Marquez’s “recipe.”

“You know, I just think I know what it takes to beat Manny. I think we saw a small glimpse to that when JuanMa (Marquez) knocked him out. I think I kind of have that recipe already, so I think I know what to do,” Porter boasted.

Marquez on the other hand, believes that Porter is a “good opponent” for Pacquiao. In one of his recent interviews during the Nevada Hall of Fame event, the Mexican boxing star said Errol Spence is the best welterweight fighter in the world today. The idea of Pacquiao vs. Spence could be bad for the ageing Pacquiao.

Marquez believes that Porter is a much better opponent for the Filipino legend.

“Shawn Porter, maybe he’s good opponent for Pacquiao,” Marquez noted.

As for Pacquiao, just moments after he defeated Keith Thurman, he’s already planning to watch the upcoming fight between Spence and Porter.

"We'll see. I might go into the fight and watch the fight on September," Pacquiao said.

This led to speculations that the eight-division title holder is not ready to hang his gloves yet. But Pacquiao’s camp had a different view.

According to Pacquiao’s childhood friend and longtime trainer Buboy Fernandez, Porter and Spence are high-risk yet low-reward opponents for Pacquiao .

Fernandez also mentioned that what really matters for Team Pacquiao now is to ensure Pacquiao’s safety.

Despite all the things that are being said about Pacquiao, he still continues to train and just recently, the boxing icon even trained with his son Jimuel.

Keith Thurman Shawn Porter Welterweight world champion Keith Thurman (L) and former world champion Shawn Porter pose outside the Barclays Center on April 26. Photo: Getty