Neymar has struggled in two Copa America matches. Reuters

Brazil always seems to have that superstar on the horizon.

In this year's Copa America, Mano Menezes's squad has showcased Neymar, an exciting forward who many has received a great deal of hype.

After two games, he's proved to be more sizzle than steak.

Neymar was replaced in Saturday's match against Paraguay in the 81st minute, and quite simply, he looked like he should have been pulled much earlier.

Brazil's offense has looked confused and over-anxious, and Neymar's presence was certainly not helping. The 19-year-old Santos star failed to generate much of an attack or get his teammates involved in either match.

Though Neymar has shown some flashes of brilliance in his short time on the scene, it's a little difficult to peg such high expectations on a player who has yet to play in a top European league and who doesn't even have 10 caps for his country.

Without players like Kaka, Michel Bastos, Felipe Melo, Gilberto Silva, among others at this year's Copa America, attention has shifted to the energetic Neymar, because there is a significant lack of star power on this Brazil roster. Some have tagged Neymar as the next global superstar, but there is still plenty of work to be done before he can even live up to comparisons to Bebeto let alone Ronaldo.

At the moment, Brazil needs Neymar, or any midfielder or forward, to make their presence felt in the attack. Brazil's defense is among the best in the world with Julio Cesar in goal, and four elite defenders in front of him, but there doesn't seem to be much else after that.

The weak offense can't completely fall on Neymar's shoulders. The Brazilian midfield continues to lack creativity, and players like Alexandre Pato have yet to prove they have the talent to lead Brazil to a title. Robinho didn't get off the bench against Paraguay.

The question that hovers over Neymar is whether he is on the verge of greatness, or is he just hype?

At only 19, the skinny forward has yet to refine his game, and failed to make an impact against lowly Venezuela and a solid Paraguay team in two Copa America matches. Fred, who came in as a substitute for Neymar, quickly proved he had more reason to be on the field than the youngster when he scored in the dying moments of the match against Paraguay.

The signs of promise are certainly there for Neymar, but Brazil want to win this tournament, and right now Neymar has not been the offensive answer the team needs.

With the possibility of failing to advance to the knockout round lingering in an upcoming match with Ecuador, the question for Menezes is whether he whether will choose his roster based on potential or results.