Brazil's Neymar may have what it takes to improve the Brazilian attack. Reuters

There always seems to be a star on the horizon for football giant Brazil.

In the Copa America, the player that has received the most attention for Mano Menezes's squad is Neymar, an exciting forward who many are already designating as the next Brazilian legend.

Though Neymar has shown some flashes of brilliance, it's a little difficult to peg such high expectations on a player who has yet to play in a top European league and who has only six caps for his country.

Without players like Kaka, Michel Bastos, Felipe Melo, Gilberto Silva, among others at this year's Copa America, the attention has shifted to the energetic Neymar. Some have tagged him as the next global superstar, but there is still plenty of work to be done before he can even live up to comparisons to Bebeto let alone Ronaldo.

At the moment, Brazil needs Neymar, or any midfielder or forward, to make their presence felt in the attack. Brazil's defense is among the best in the world with Julio Cesar in goal, and four elite defenders in front of him, but there doesn't seem to be much else after that.

The midfield has looked uncreative, and players like Alexandre Pato have yet to prove they have the talent to lead Brazil to a title. Robinho continues to be dogged by inconsistent play.

That's where Neymar comes in. With a prominent role on the club, the youngster should expect a lot of touches, and he is expected to convert his chances if Brazil expects to advance to the title game. The Brazilian attack has been so lackluster over the past several months that a young talent like Neymar might be the catalyst the squad needs.

The question that hovers over Neymar is whether he is closing in on greatness, or is he just hype?

At only 19, the skinny forward has yet to refine his game, and failed to make an impact against lowly Venezuela in the first game of the Copa America. Brazil failed to get real chances to score, and that doesn't fall on Neymar's shoulders, but his limited opportunities appeared to be squandered

The potential is certainly there, and there seems to be a lot of potential. Neymar has displayed some fine crossover skills and has shown the ability to create shots for himself. He has quickness and quality one-on-one moves.

For now, Neymar remains a raw talent who can fizzle like many prospects before him, but speed and great field vision are tools that usually comes naturally.

Neymar's presence in the Copa America has been overshadowed by the constant transfer discussions from Santos to possibly Real Madrid, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and even Manchester United. None of the rumors appear very valid, as the talks of moving to Europe seem to be generated by his agent and not the European clubs.

The answer to Neymar's future in the game will be proven on the field, not the British tabloids or the expectations set by an anxious Brazilian fanbase.