The fallout over Super Bowl XLV ticketing is getting progressively worse for the NFL. The league announced they were extending refunds or tickets to a future Super Bowl to an additional 2,000 people.

After already offering to compensate the 400 fans whose seats were deemed unsafe, and facing legal action from two of those 400 fans, the league decided to offer this newest round of refunds or future tickets to 2,000 fans who were delayed in entering the stadium because of the problems surrounding the installation of the temporary seating.

With this latest round, and the previous offers for the original 400 inconvenienced fans, the NFL's payout for the Super Bowl seating snafu has crept into the millions of dollars.

The original 400 fans still have the option of a triple-face value refund and tickets to next year's game or a ticket to any future Super Bowl as well as airfare and hotel accommodations. The fans were moved to a standing-room only section of the area behind the Steelers bench during the game and were given free food, beverages, and merchandise.

For a Super Bowl that was nearly disrupted by historic weather and included a great game, the NFL has to be disappointed that the lasting legacy from Super Bowl XLV will be issues over the seating in the league's crown jewel stadium.