• The NFL is allegedly seeking indefinite suspension for Deshaun Watson
  • NFLPA and Watson may sue the NFL if an indefinite suspension is imposed
  • Per reports, the presiding judge in Watson's case has carefully examined testimonies before deciding on the sanction

Deshaun Watson could be out the entire season if the latest update about the appeal of the NFL on his case prospers.

After initially announcing that they were appealing the six-game suspension of the three-time Pro Bowl champion, it appears the league wants a tougher penalty in place.

According to multiple reports, the NFL is seeking an indefinite suspension of at least a year together with an unspecified fine.

Under the six-game suspension imposed by disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson on Monday, August 1, Watson stood to lose $345,000 from the $230 million deal he signed with the Cleveland Browns.

Hence, the row could drag on with the camp of Watson, and the NFL is likely to engage in further discussions.

It will be recalled that previous conversations hardly got anywhere.

Moreover, the NFLPA has been working closely with Watson's handlers.

Both were not amenable to accepting a suspension of more than six to eight games.

On the NFL's part, the league would allegedly agree to a 12-game suspension together with a fine potentially in the range of $8 million.

As of this writing, the NFL has yet to announce if league commissioner Roger Goodell or a designee would be deciding or hearing the said appeal.

This comes after Robinson announced a six-game penalty, also keeping intact different arguments such as the new collectively bargained disciplinary process.

Robinson had heard the testimonies of four different women in the hearing that started in June, and it was here where she concluded that Watson allegedly had an egregious pattern of behavior.

After announcing her decision on Monday, the NFL had three days to make an appeal. That was made on Wednesday, August 3, with the league seeking an indefinite suspension of at least a year as earlier mentioned.

An indefinite suspension, should it succeed, may leave the league in an even bigger mess.

The NFLPA is likely to sue the league, and the case may end up in federal court.

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Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans, Cal McNair Chariman and CEO of the Houston Texans and Arthur Blank Owner of the Atlanta Falcons talk before the game at NRG Stadium on October 6, 2019 in Houston, Texas. Tim Warner/Getty Images