• Watson's future with the Texans remains sketchy heading into the new season
  • Non-related issues about football have plagued Watson's career
  • The Texans are said to be open to trading Watson

The Houston Texans are preparing for the coming NFL season, but they have to deal with their star quarterback Deshaun Watson first.

The 25-year-old player was spotted back in practice, but observers noted that his presence sent mixed feelers.

Some claim that his level of participation was minimal, while others said that he was thriving.

Considering the three-time Pro Bowler is coming off ankle and calf injuries, sparing him from physical activities, for now, is understandable.

But then again, that would be simpler had there not been other non-football-related issues tied to Watson.

Malice aside, the simplest way to put it is that Watson is trying to blend himself into the game with hopes of being ready once the NFL season starts on Sept. 10, roughly a month from now.

Watson was at the Texans' practice on Monday and was seen talking to general manager Nick Caserio before the session began, NFL reporter Aaron Wilson shared.

But ESPN’s Sarah Barshop noted that Watson appeared to get going at one point before exiting.

Watson and the Texans may be trying not to rush him into physical play due to the injuries that kept him off practices recently.

For those who have followed the Deshaun Watson drama, anticipation is high that he could be traded.

All this was marred by the sexual assault allegations thrown at the 2020 NFL Passing Yards leader. He is facing 22 separate lawsuits that were filed in March and April.

Sixteen women have now filed lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct by Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson
Twenty-two women have filed lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct by Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Carmen Mandato

An NFL trade is not farfetched as well. Watson has allegedly requested for a transfer, and Houston is reportedly willing to oblige.

However, that will depend if the pitch for the 12th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft is acceptable and not a “lowball offer.”

Even with the NFL request and the off-field issues that Watson is facing, Houston may be pressed in a corner to decide.

It will be recalled that even before the sexual misconduct issue cropped up, the player was already unhappy with the team’s moves in the offseason. That included the hiring of Caserio as the Texans’ new general manager earlier this year.

The move reportedly left Watson pretty upset because he wanted to have an active role in team decisions.