• Cam Newton praises Bill Belichick as head coach
  • Newton wants to continue playing for the New England Patriots
  • The Patriots are unlikely to give Newton another contract if they find a new play-maker

Cam Newton knows what it takes to win, having proven that with the Carolina Panthers.

Given that he is a former NFL MVP, the New England Patriots appeared to have made the right move when they signed the 31-year-old to a short-term lease.

For those who followed Newton and his maiden stint with the multi-titled Patriots, it was not exactly a smooth one.

Newton had his share of absences, either from injury or from COVID-19 related issues. In general, the efforts of the 2015 NFL MVP may not be enough to secure another stint with the six-time Super Bowl champions.

Despite uncertainty on what lies ahead for the three-time Pro Bowler, Newton remains hopeful of staying with the Patriots.

He was aware of his shortcomings last NFL season and admitted that he toyed with the notion that he could be pulled.

“There were times last year, I knew I was about to get pulled. I’m a realist,” Newton said when he appeared on the I AM ATHLETE podcast.

Newton also bared his experience of playing under Bill Belichick. He brands the 68-year-old as a cool person to work with and adds that he is probably one of the most misunderstood coaches in all sports.

Belichick has had his share of criticism when making decisions. That may include the choice of taking in Newton although the player's past performance, sans his injury spell, appeared too good to pass up.

Some saw it as a risk-taking chance on Newton who was often on the sidelines during his time with the Panthers.

He started out well for the Pats before his run started to fade after testing positive for COVID-19. He struggled to get back on track but showed glimpses of promise.

Looking ahead, Newton is no doubt a talent any NFL team would love to have on board. However, he needs to be in the right club to mesh his performance with a team overall.

At the end of the day, it is all about racking up wins and going deep in a season. That was unfortunately not the case last season–a reason why critics are not giving him much of a chance to return in New England next season.

Cam Newton #1 of the New England Patriots
Cam Newton #1 of the New England Patriots Getty Images | Billie Weis

For now, all Newton can do is hope that he gets another chance with the Patriots. That could happen if Belichick and company are not getting another quarterback who can fit into the club's system better.

Talented as he may be, seeing Newton back with the Pats is now seen as a distinct possibility. Regardless, he is not closing the doors in case New England changes its stance.