• Kevin Zeitler likes how the Ravens built their offensive line
  • Lamar Jackson is expected to put up big numbers once again this season
  • The Ravens are yet to make it past the Divisional Round in three years

Baltimore Ravens right guard Kevin Zeitler is more than happy with the team’s new offensive line.

The right guard was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012 and has had stops with the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants before landing at Baltimore.

Zeitler is the type of guard that works best in a run-heavy game plan and the Ravens are that type of team.

The Ravens have been looking to address its holes in the offensive line in the offseason when they signed Zeitler to a three-year, $22.5 million deal in March.

In their first preseason game, the Ravens’ injury-riddled offensive line was exposed against the New Orleans Saints as they had 272 passing yards and 94 yards on the ground.

But with the team slowly welcoming back its offensive linemen, Zeitler is more than impressed with their group’s construction.

"Well, for me personally, [building chemistry has] varied quite a bit, but I like this line," Zeitler said. "There are a lot of people who've been here already, there are a lot of veteran players, and I think we all like each other quite a bit, so I'm hoping that it speeds it up."

For Zeitler, what he likes most about his team’s offensive line is their size.

“I’d definitely say this is the biggest offensive line I’ve ever been on,” Zeitler said.

The Ravens have made their way back to the top of the perennially stacked AFC North division thanks to the stellar play of 2019 league MVP Lamar Jackson.

As the team slowly builds their team chemistry going into the new season, Zeitler and the offensive line will be a major piece of the puzzle.

Allowing Jackson time to throw the ball or find gaps to run hinges on the offensive line’s ability to hold off opposing linebackers.

They are yet to get past the Divisional Round in the past two years after falling to the Tennessee Titans in 2019 and Buffalo Bills in 2020, two teams they were expected to beat then.