Former NFL player Joe McKnight was shot and killed in Louisiana Thursday in what’s being described as an instance of “road rage.” After it was discovered the suspect arrested for the shooting was released, many current and former professional football players could not contain their outrage.

Ronald Gasser, 54, was arrested for the shooting, but he was released from custody Friday without being charged. Authorities have said they are meeting to discuss bringing potential charges against Gasser, though there is no timetable for a decision to be made.

According to the sheriff’s office, Gasser admitted to shooting and killing McKnight.

McKnight’s death caused an outpouring of grief from NFL players when they heard the news of his death. The release of Gasser caused a similar reaction.

McKnight, who died at 28 years old, was a fourth-round draft pick of the New York Jets in 2010. He played as a running back and on special teams with the Jets for three seasons. He had a final stint in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014 before joining the CFL this past season.

A few of Knight’s teammates with New York spoke out on social media when his suspected killer was let back on the streets.

“You tell (me) how can a man murder someone go get to sleep in his bed at night,” Cromartie said in another tweet. “But my brother can’t. What the hell am I to tell my nephew.”

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told reporters Friday afternoon that Gasser is cooperating with the investigation. He said witnesses say McKnight and Gasser engaged in a heated exchange before the shooting took place, though he denied a report that said McKnight was seen apologizing to Gasser before being shot.