• Broncos' Von Miller is under police investigation in Colorado but is not yet facing any charges
  • His ex-fiancée Megan Denise denied speculations that he physically abused her
  • Miller is in the final year of his deal, but the Broncos may not pick up option

Von Miller of the Denver Broncos is under criminal investigation in Colorado for a case that remains unknown, a report says.

Details surrounding the 31-year-old’s case remain under wraps, TMZ reported. No charges have been filed against the Super Bowl 50 MVP, and there is no telling when the reason behind the investigation will be revealed.

"The case is currently under investigation so no information can be released at this time," read an official statement from the Parker Police Department obtained by ESPN. "If the investigation determines a crime has occurred, charges will be submitted to the DA's office for their review."

The Denver Broncos issued a statement Friday saying they are "aware" of the situation. They are now looking into the matter and working to obtain more information.

While most are left in the dark regarding what is behind the investigation on Miller, his ex-fiancée, Megan Denise, cleared the air by addressing the speculations about the Broncos star that were sparked by one of her recent social media posts. She released a statement on Instagram saying that "at no point in our relationship was there any type of physical abuse or violence by Von, whatsoever."

Denise clarified that her previous social media post was misconstrued and taken out of context. She admitted that she made a mistake when she made a private matter public, resulting in an unwanted situation.

"Von and I are excited to be welcoming our baby into the world, and are committed to raising our child with love and compassion, together as a family,” she wrote.

Last week, Denise released screenshots of disturbing text messages she allegedly received from the Pro Bowler. They included alleged messages from Miller saying “This was the biggest mistake of my life” and “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage.”

Having already missed an entire NFL season due to a tendon injury, this is something that the 31-year-old football player does not need. He is entering the final year of his deal with the Broncos. Denver holds a team option that allows them to either pick up the option or let him go.

New general manager George Patton planned to discuss a possible contract restructuring with Miller, and this development may complicate matters. A clearer picture behind the Von Miller situation should be known soon.

 Von Miller with Megan Denise
Von Miller with Megan Denise Getty Images | Tom Cooper