• Tennesee Titan's Logan Ryan is one of the NFL's hottest free-agents remaining in the market
  • Rumors have speculated that the Titans will not sign Logan Ryan for the upcoming season
  • The New York Giants and Jets are both interested in signing the cornerback Logan Ryan

The NFL offseason continues to have quality free agents left in the market. This includes Tennessee Titans’ Logan Ryan who has garnered interest for the New York teams the Jets and Giants.

The Titans have been on a steady rise in the league on their end. The 2019 campaign was a positive year by winning the AFC Divisional Playoffs match against the Baltimore Ravens. This season they’ve made a big addition to their team such as the veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

With Joseph taking up a slot in the Titans’ roster, this gives an idea that Ryan will be headed to another team. One possible fit is the New York Jets as adding Ryan can be beneficial to their defense. Coming from a strong 2019 campaign, Ryan was able to tally a career-best of 113 tackles and 4.5 sacks.

Having someone like Ryan can help improve the Jets as they're coming off a 7-9 record in last year's team standings. Key players such as Pierre Desire and Brian Poole could use the boost that Ryan gives to any squad.

While it has been rumored that the Jets are one of the frontrunners in signing Ryan, the Giants have also made some noise online as a suitor.

Over the past few seasons, the Giants have fallen to the lower portion of the team standings of the league. Their record last year of 3-12 had them third at the NFC East division. Despite these struggles, the Giants are seeking to bounce back with the success of the draft. They were able to haul top talent highlighted by Andrew Thomas at the fourth overall selection.

Adding someone of Ryan’s caliber can improve the Giant’s depth and complement the likes of DeAndre Baker and James Bradberry. Having Ryan to the team adds the experience and a veteran presence that would elevate the team’s level of competitiveness. The two-time Super Bowl champion has proven himself as a winner in the league and can provide that energy to the Giants.

It’ll only be a matter of time to see if the Jets or Giants end up selecting the former First-team All-American for their team.

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