• Raiders could ride on Tom Brady's popularity to drive fans to games
  • Brady may not be playing much, likely a mentor and backup to the Raiders starting QB
  • Brady best stays with New England, the only team he has played for in the NFL

NFL star Tom Brady remains mum on his future NFL plans, something fans and teams are closely monitoring. Although he will be turning 43 before next season, the six-time Super Bowl champion made it clear that retirement was not among his immediate plans.

From hindsight, sticking it out with the New England Patriots looms as a plausible move. With most teams investing in younger quarterbacks, only a few teams could consider Brady to be their starting quarterback next NFL season. One team that has been mentioned is the Oakland Raiders who stand to gain oddly.

One person that believes Brady joining the Raiders makes sense is analyst Jay Glazer of The Athletic. According to him, four-time Super Bowl MVP is a game-changer. Unfortunately, it appears he was referring more to the marketing aspect and the fact that Brady can put fans in the stands. On the actual game front, Brady could be a good mentor to promising young players on the Raiders side.

With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, having Brady in tow would make sense. As far as a deal is concerned, it could be a short one. Though he has slowed down a bit this season, Brady has shown that he still wants to play pro football at a competitive level. But if he does consider moving out of New England, it may not be the kind of outlook he has in mind.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how Pats owner Robert Kraft wanted Brady to return the next NFL season if he is not retiring. Even if he does, it will be interesting how long he will be the Patriots' starter. He showed signs of slowing down last season, a sign that New England needs to explore its options at quarterback.

A worst-case scenario would be to see the three-time NFL MVP playing back-up, a normal recourse by players who are slowing down. Coaching or mentoring is something pundits feel Brady will end up with, a possible future that lies for him with the Pats. Being the only team he has played for since entering the NFL back in 2000, seeing the 14-time Pro Bowler move at this stage seems a bit farfetched.