• Mahwah Mayor John Roth was forced to admit to committing inappropriate acts during a township party at an employee's house in Jan. 10
  • Roth said he apologized to the unnamed employee who reportedly refused to comment further on the issue
  • The New Jersey mayor's admission came after a letter signed by employees circulated around town last week

A Thursday report revealed that Mayor John Roth of Mahwah, New Jersey admitted to drinking too much during a recent party at an employee’s house wherein he removed his pants and finally passed out in the unidentified employee’s bed.

According to the report from, Roth said he already apologized to the employee. On the other hand, Roth’s admission came following the emergence of an anonymous letter that “concerned employees of the township of Mahwah” last week.

The employee who hosted the party earlier this month reportedly declined to comment on Roth’s admission but the employee’s name was identified on the letter that circulated around the town.

Furthermore, the letter signed by over 20 employees in Mahwah town, demanded that their town mayor apologize through an emailed statement sent to the staffers, and that if Roth refuses to do so, they will ask him to resign from his position.

For the employees who attended the party, Roth’s actions were equivalent to “considerable disrespect for township employees.” The letter also stated that his actions during the Jan. 10 party has been causing problems in township offices, the Daily Voice reported.

Aside from demanding for Roth’s apology, the letter stated that they will take action by filing against the New Jersey town mayor in person. It is worth noting that the letter also detailed how the Mahwah mayor’s wife came to get him after he passed out in his employee’s bed.

Finally, the letter also indicated that Mahwah township employees affected by the incident discussed potential threats to anyone who is suspected of leaking the details of the party to other people.

Roth was a councilman in Mahwah for over a decade before he announced candidacy for mayor in 2018. His candidacy came after voters recalled then-mayor Bill Laforet. However, Roth’s seat is up for grabs or re-election by fall.

Last year, Roth and council members of Mahwah proposed pay increase for the mayor and councilmen, noting that the last increase for council members was in 1998 and the last pay hike for mayoral pay was in 2007.

At that time, Roth argued that he works 40 or more hours weekly, not including the evening meetings that he attends for three Mahwah committees. He added that councilmen and the mayor are “on call 24/7” and also help with financial contributions to the town’s nonprofit organizations.