A North Korean electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could possibly eliminate 90 percent of U.S. population, according to a new report. 

Peter Vincent Pry, a nuclear strategist formerly with the CIA, told Forbes Monday an EMP attack would be detrimental to the U.S.  by targeting electrical grids.

"The U.S. can sustain a population of 320 million people only because of modern technology," said Pry. "An EMP that blacks-out the electric grid would (decimate) the critical infrastructure necessary to support such a large population." 

If an EMP attack did occur, Pry's report says grocery store food supply would deteriorate within three days, and within a year 90 percent of the American population would perish. 

Along with food supply, the report also concluded U.S. transportation, communication and energy will all deteriorate – leaving America in an apocalyptic-like state.  

Numerous threats of nuclear warfare against the U.S. were made by North Korea and its supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un. In a message broadcast Thursday, the communist nation warned of "unimaginable strike." 

"The U.S. is running amok by introducing under our nose the targets we have set as primary ones," North Korea’s state news agency said in a statement. "The U.S. should expect that it would face unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time."

U.S. government is deciding on multiple different ways of preparedness. Recently, it was reported that President Donald Trump may turn to Cold War tactics by bringing back B-52 bombers to the U.S. Air Forces runways for added defense. 

"This is yet one more step in ensuring that we’re prepared," said Air Force chief of staff, Gen. David Goldfein, in a report. "I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we’re prepared going forward."